Happy New Year!

By Antonela Pounder @AnimatedAnt (Community Manager – 505 Games)

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to run over a few things for those who are new to Assetto Corsa on console… We’re going to keep things short and sweet, don’t worry!

Firstly, welcome and Happy New Year! 🙂

If you’re encountering issues, then we want to help! We know it’s a little confusing given that our PC community is used as a support forum, but we have a dedicated console support team who can be reached over at – https://support.505games.com/support/signup. If you contact these guys, they’ll be able to assist you with any issues you’re experiencing!

However, if you take a look around our forums, you may also find the answer to your problem! We also have a bunch of FAQ’s that we update as and when necessary – http://bit.ly/2iDDcHO

Please remember, we will not tolerate any form of behavior that is considered upsetting, offensive or inappropriate, across any of our community channels. It’s massively unfair on other community members who are here to engage with other players in a friendly manner, as well as the team who are hard at work behind the scenes, on Assetto Corsa. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and the team are totally open to constructive criticism, but under no circumstances will we tolerate behavior that’s upsetting towards others.

If you’ve got any awesome suggestions, then please feel free to speak out over in our Suggestions sub-forum! We’re totally open to feedback from you guys! – http://bit.ly/2hKUi20

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, then please feel free to follow / like us to keep up to date with the latest…

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We’re super excited about 2017, and we hope you are too!

Have a great day, everyone.